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Someone who is willing to testify about how great fir you are going to be for the Prive Community. Names and numbers are a great help in this form.
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By becoming a Club member ($100/month) you get access to the pool and cabana bar and first call on any units that come available.

If you only want to be a Casual member (free) you get invites to the pool parties, access to paid day passes to the space, and second invites for available units.

Pool times are til 2am on weekdays and 6am on the weekends. 

Pool parties are once a month, admission is included in your Club membership fee. Casual members pay $40 admission fee.

Your membership fee will be deducted from your rental if you rent a unit with us.

You can bring a couple to the pool anytime you want. More guests than that require approval with 24h notice. 

cancellation policy

Prive can cancel/revoke a membership at any time. And you are free to cancel at any time.

Reasons for cancellation can include but are not limited to: lack of respect for consent; uncontrolled drinking and drug use; lack of Colette membership; you are no longer a couple; violent, racist or threatening behavior (and really, if you aren't being a decent human being then you are probably not a good fit for us anyway).

Just so we are clear about consent, here is a short video.  Consent is really important to all of us in the Prive community.